The 2015 conference will encompass
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Strength & Conditioning
The conference will start in

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Conference overview

The 2015 conference will bring together experts from the international sports science and sports medicine community to present cutting edge research and conduct panel discussions on the application of science in today’s competitive sports environment. It is aimed at researchers, scientists, and individuals who are interested in enhancing their knowledge in the areas of sports performance enhancement, medical treatments, physiology, physiotherapy and strength & conditioning.

Areas of focus

Sports science. The conference will examine the latest research on how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promote health from cellular to whole body perspectives. This will encompass areas of Physiology (Exercise Physiology), Psychology (Sports Psychology), Anatomy, Biomechanics and Biochemistry (Kinesiology).

Sports medicine. The conference will explore the latest knowledge about the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise in order to achieve peak physical performance. Medical conditions which regular exercisers or sports people encounter, like muscle, ligament, tendon and bone problems, as well as chronic illnesses that can affect physical performance, such as asthma and diabetes.

Sports physiotherapy. Sports injuries differ from everyday injuries. Athletes require high level performance and place considerable demands on their bodies, stressing muscles, joints and bones to the limit. The conference will examine the most recent advances in sports physiotherapy, the latest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, as well as exercise protocols to assist recovery and prevent injury.

Strength and Conditioning. The conference will reveal the latest approaches in the improvement of performance in athletic competition, the prevention of injuries, proper body mechanics, and exercise prescription plans that specifically modulate aerobic, resistance, and/or flexibility training to suit the metabolic and physical demands of any particular sport.

The 2015 DRAFT programme

Global experts will present cutting edge research and conduct panel discussions. A unique opportunity to exchange ideas and information with colleagues and international experts. Many products and services providers will exhibit their latest initiatives.

Plenary session

Keynote lectures

  • Cardiac screening: current guidelines
  • Genetics of sports performance
  • Injury monitoring and recording: The Norwegian experience
  • Gaining muscle mass and losing weight: can we do both at once?
  • Evidence-based practice: Critical analysis of the medical literature

Symposium: Injury statistics – what have we learned?

  • Demographics
  • Risk factors
  • Prevention

Symposium: Medical issues at the Great North Run

  • The charity runner
  • The fun runner
  • The elite runner

The athletic female

  • Menstruation
  • Performance across the menstrual cycle
  • Injury risk across the menstrual cycle
  • Top 10 questions in medicine, physiotherapy and S&C

Sports Medicine


  • Medicine at high altitude
  • Measuring physical activity
  • Sports Pharmacology: prescribing for the elite athlete

Symposium: Olympic sports medicine

  • Sports Medicine at the Winter Olympics
  • Medical planning for Rio2016

Symposium: Exercise is medicine

  • Exercise is Medicine: European perspective
  • Exercise and chronic disease: assessing the evidence
  • Benefits and risks of exercise for renal disease patients

Symposium: Exercise, inactivity and other risk factors

  • Fit or fat: the relative risks
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Sport, exercise and physical activity

Symposium: Sports psychology – inside the athlete’s head

  • To follow


Keynote lectures

  • Non-operative treatment of shoulder injuries
  • Use of taping and braces for injury prevention
  • The child athlete: rehab after injury
  • Warming up and injury rates

Symposium: On-field assessment of contact injuries

  • Medical perspective
  • Physiotherapy perspective

Symposium: Strength training

  • Assessing muscle strength and weakness
  • Strength training for injury prevention
  • Strength training for rehabilitation

Strength and conditioning

Keynote Lectures

  • Warming up and performance
  • Dietary supplements for weight loss
  • Whey vs soy protein: the evidence

The conference venue

The Domain Conference Hall, Northumbria Students' Union, Northumbria University, 2 Sandyford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8SB, United Kingdom

University accommodation

Accommodation in the university's student quarters is limited. It costs just £30 + VAT, inclusive of breakfast. It is available on a 'first come - first served' basis.
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Conference information and enquiries

Phone: (44) 1434 605324 or email :

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All 3 Days
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